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About the Artist

Portrait photo of the photographer Michael Abid

Michael Abid is a professional travel photographer from Germany, who enjoys taking cityscape, landscape, architecture and drone photos all around the world. He was born in Ukraine and moved later to Germany, where he studied engineering and worked as a software engineer for automotive companies. He was always interested in photography, but didn't discover his real passion for it until 2011, when he acquired his first DSLR camera. Since 2013 he has been working part-time as a travel photographer, using his available time to shoot pictures in many famous places in Europe and around the world, while continuously working to improve his photography skills and his editing style. Since 2022 Michael works as a full-time photographer.

In his photographs Michael often tries to capture well-known locations in unique light or weather conditions, often utilizing advanced shooting and post-processing techniques such as manual exposure and time blending. His favourite time of shooting is during those moments when the natural and artificial lights mix perfectly and create dramatic imagery, which is the reason he loves shooting cityscapes so much. Michael has been using Nikon cameras from the beginning, starting with a simple Nikon D3100 and currently using full frame Nikon cameras for most of his work. Since 2020 he is also an avid drone user and a good part of his current work has been made using a drone.