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Image Licenses and Pricing

Various products such as puzzles and calendars using photos by Michael Abid

Would you like to license photos for your website, calendar, magazin, travel guide, puzzle or any other project? Most of my photos are available for licensing. To acquire a license, please follow these steps:

  1. In the portfolio section, which is sorted by country and by city, find the photos that you are interested in
  2. Note the image ID of each photo - to find it click on the zoom icon in the top right corner of the photo, which opens a large image display with additional information including the image ID
  3. Contact me with your license requirements and images you are interested in (image IDs are sufficient). I will check the license availability and send you a non-binding price offer via email.

Should you need the maximum (original) pixel resolution for your usage, you can find it in the portfolio section. For that click on a photo to open the large image display with additional information, which will also contain the maximum available pixel resolution.

License prices

License prices are based on the usual market prices in Germany, which are published by the MFM (Federal Association of Professional Image Providers in Germany). Below are prices for some standard licenses, based on following conditions:

  • No exclusivity
  • No sublicensing to third parties
  • License duration 3 years (50 % surcharge for each further 3 years, beyond that by agreement), shorter terms are generally not offered due to increased administrative effort
  • Prices apply to low to medium reach usages (additional surcharge for increased reach, e.g. website/social media of a globally known brand, magazine with a high reach, billboard in the center of a big city)
  • Changes to the photo allowed, e.g. overlaying of own text and graphics
  • Author credit required (if practically feasible - e.g. not necessary on a small magnet)
Usage Price * Size / Image resolution **
Web (website, social media, app) 150 € S
250 € M
Print Media (e.g. magazine, travel guide, flyer) print run ≤ 2k 100 € M
(50 € surcharge für size L)
≤ 10k 125 €
≤ 50k 150 €
≤ 250k 200 €
> 250k 250 €
Book/Magazine Cover 300 €
TV/Movie 250 € L
External advertising (e.g. billboards, vehicles) 250 € L
Trading Products (e.g. calendars, puzzles, postcards, magnets) 300 € M
400 € L
Combine usages
(e.g. Trading Products + Web + Print)
50 % discount on each additional cheaper license
(e.g. Trading Products 100 % + Web 50 % + Print 50 %)
Exclusive usage (full exclusivity or for specific industry sectors, products, regions) Custom surcharge on regular price (please inquire with details about intended usage)
Retroactive licensing (in the event of unauthorized image use)
  • 150 % surcharge on regular price
  • additional 100 % surcharge in case of missing full author credit

* All prices incl. VAT

** Size / Image resolution:


1400 pixel on the longer side, suitable for most online uses (e.g. website, social media)


2400 pixel on the longer side, suitable for A6/A5 print uses (e.g. postcard, flyer) and for large online uses (e.g. full screen website background)


4500 pixel (or max available for smaller images) on the longer side, suitable for A4/A3 and larger print uses (e.g. magazin, calendar)